Whisper in My Ear – Volume 1

Whisper in My Ear is now available for purchase in paperback and Kindle form. You can buy it now on Amazon.

From the description:

It’s the 1960s, and cultural and political unrest is sweeping across America. In the midst of this turmoil, three young Americans find themselves on a path that sends them to join the war effort in Vietnam: Dion Murphy, a handsome football player from Georgia; Cathy Addison, a pretty young nurse from Minnesota; and Norman Coddington, a young man from a wealthy but dysfunctional Boston family. While in Vietnam, all three, along with a beautiful young nurse from the Philippines, must confront enemies from their pasts while walking into an uncertain future.

Set against the backdrop of minor skirmishes and culminating in one of the Vietnam War’s longest and bloodiest battles, Whisper in My Ear tells the story of two loving couples—with ordinary desires and passions—who are called on to bear witness to an extraordinary time as they serve in the US Marine Corps and the US Navy. It is a story of men and women who strive to fulfill their duties and follow their orders, whether they agree with them or not, while a gruesome and bloody war rages all around them.

The main characters are fictional, but the historical events, the cruelty of the war, and the daily lives and culture of the Vietnamese people are factual.

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